Hello there,
I'm Jedimca0, I've been active on Wikia since March 2007 and I'm an administrator on several wikis. Unfortunately I currently don't edit this wiki often, but I help out where I can. This will mainly involve reverting obvious vandalism. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a message on my talk page.

Other Wikis

I'm an Administrator and Bureaucrat on Darthipedia, The Star Wars Humor Wiki. I am also an Administrator and Bureaucrat on the Lego Star Wars Wiki and on Lego Answers, the Answers wiki for all your questions about Lego. I also edit Wookieepedia.


I can also be found on a few IRC channels, including #Wikia, #Wookieepedia, #darthipedia, #legostarwars, #Brickipedia and Wikia's Counter Vandalism Channel.

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