Nuros, Titan of Shadow

Story Background Edit

Nuros, Titan of Shadow is the Dark Lord of the Island of Exus. He commands 3 Generals who in turn command an army of thousands. His weapon is a sword of Shadow and Steel, a mixture used to make it able to hurt those who use the Shadows. His rotating blaster is a new technology created by the Sirue Factory. He wears the mask of shadows and his natural powers are telepathy and telekineses.

Building Experience Edit

Building Nuros, Titan of Shadow was difficult. It was my first time that I knew I would be building a true BIONICLE titan. The hardest part was the torso, as getting it to look tough and not just wierd was the hardest part. The shoulders in particular were difficult. My solution was to use tube parts which worked splendidly. However, the front of the torso and the sides were also trouble. To figure out a solution, I looked at Maxilos (it was still built at the time) and I figured out what to do.

The legs and arms were much easier, as there was nothing very difficult about them. Mostly it involves using parts at the top and bottom which allow you to make longer legs and arms. The feet were the only part which I didn't like (I should have made them bigger).

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