Part Two: The King's knights and Soldiers

Hello again everyone,
Here is issue number two of my castle blog. As explained in the last blog, this one will be about the minifigures. The castle itself is not yet ready for taking pictures but that will change soon. So, here are some images and descriptions of a few of the minifigures.

  • The King: This guy is the King, he's boss of everything and everyone in and around the castle. Here's another image in this one he has his armor on.
  • A king needs to be protected, so he has his own elite personal guards. In other words, these mean looking guys.
  • The King also needs someone to lead his army, that’s why he made this guy a general.
  • The King also has several other important military advisors, his knights. Here’s one. This guy is eating a nice tasty apple. Here’s another knight. The knights help lead the Army, there are more of these guys walking around in the castle, but if I would take pictures of all of them this would become a bit of a boring blog.
  • Any good leader also needs non military advisors, that’s where these guys come in and yes, they are wizard type people. From left to right we have the very first wizard that was included in castle sets, in the middle we see the latest wizard from the new Kingdoms theme and on the right we have the wizard from the previous castle theme. They all work together to make sure the king is well informed about all matters in his kingdom, and advise the him so he can make wise decisions.
  • I’ve mentioned them before… the Army, the soldiers who defend the castle. These highly trained and heavily armed soldiers make sure no enemy ever gets past the gates and the walls. Here’s a couple of them. Not a group of people you’d like to meet when you’re storming a castle, right? Here’s a few more, note the dwarves. The Dwarves have a mine near the castle, they guard and defend the mine and help in defending the castle by keeping close watch on the mountains and caves surrounding the castle. Also note the Forestmen minifigure, it is in fact the forestman from the collectable minifigures. Of course there are many more soldiers, but some have to be guarding the castle while these guys get their picture taken.
  • Any good medieval army has a solid force of cavalry, my castle has these guys. Yes, they are forestmen. Heavily armed forestmen on horses. They are each armed with a lance, a crossbow and a sword, like this guy. Some even have shields
  • But there are also other warriors on horses, all the knights for example. The knights all have their own horse, though some choose to lead the army standing and fighting on their own two feet. And there are others, like Dastan. I just love that minifigure, so here’s another picture.
  • Then there’s also these guys. That’s right, Ninja’s on horses scouting the desert, looking for the enemy.

There are many, many more minifigures in the castle. There is a whole village, a market place, a blacksmith. A large long wall, soldiers guarding the gates. For me to take pictures of all of them would not only take a lot of my time… it would probably also make for a rather boring blog. So I’m not going there. All the minifigures will be shown to you when I am able to make more pictures of the castle itself. I have worked long and hard the past year or so to try and give each and every minifigure it’s own job or task in the castle, from being a tower guard to being a kid chasing chickens in the village market place or a villager taking care of a couple of cows. From a blacksmith making one or two swords, to a dwarf deep inside the mine making helmets, swords and armor. From a king who proudly looks at his stronghold knowing no enemy can breach it to the traveler who is just passing through, looking for a place to spend the night in the village. And I can keep describing them, but that would become just as boring as showing you dozens and dozens of pictures. So I'll save that for the coming issues.

There is one more thing I can add… after receiving a few requests, I have taken a couple of images of the castle itself. These images depict the left side of the castle, where the King’s tower is located. Here’s one, needs a bit more work, especially on the moat but I’ll have that taken care off soon. To the right of what you see in this image is the center of the castle, where most of the army is, and to the far right of what you see in this image is where the village is located… and then ever further off from the village, is where the dwarves mine is. But I’ll show you pictures of all that in the upcoming issues. Here’s one more, here you can see the other side of the little drawbridge. At the bottom of the image you can also see part of the armory.

That's it for this month, hope you enjoyed reading and that you liked the images. Till next month!

In my next article: "The King's Castle" – pictures and descriptions of the castle and especially the part where the King lives