Hello all,
For those of you who don't know me yet, I'm Jedimca0, I'm on the editorial team here on the BrickPost. I have recently been asked to write an article about the Medieval Fortress I'm building. I have mentioned this "work in progress" a few times on IRC, and people seemed interested in knowing about it, which is why I'm writing about it now. Because I would not be able to write everything I'd want to write in one article (unless you are planning to sit here for a few hours to read all my rants) I have decided to make it a series of articles. This being the first of the series, I'll use it to describe the fortress that I'm building and the building process a bit. The upcoming articles will include more detailed descriptions, rants about the building work and even images.

So, let me start at the beginning. About a years ago, when I was still mainly collecting Lego Star Wars, I came across my old Knight minifigures and their accessories. I decided to start building a small army of knights and soldiers, but when that was done I got a bit bored and decided to build them a castle. With the castle done and having found a nice spot for most of the knights in the castle I was satisfied with the result. Over the next few months, however, I kept changing things, building and rebuilding parts of the castle. I even expanded the castle a bit and found I didn’t have enough knights to properly defend the castle. So I started buying castle sets to expand the army a bit, and I eventually decided to expand the castle further and turn into a fortress consisting of two parts. The first, the kings castle and the second part a fortified village. For the second part I used the medieval village set, and built a defensive wall to protect it.

I built the castle at our attic, in a corner. So, the castle is "naturally" defended by the walls at the attic, which I decided to call "huge cliffs and mountains". I built it like that because that leaves only one side of the castle that needs to be defended, so it saves bricks since I don’t have to build a huge wall around the castle. It also gives me plenty of room in the corner to expand and build without having to build more and more defensive walls every time I decide to expand it a bit. So far I've used one of my older sets, (Forestmen's River Fortress) the only one of my older sets that is still relatively intact, with a few modifications. I also used the parts and pieces of all my other castle sets and new sets from the castle 2007 and the new Kingdoms theme. Because I used bricks and parts of many different sets, the colors of the castle do not match up, some parts even look like modern art. But I’m working on finding a way to fix that, more about this in future articles.

For now I will be writing one article per month, to be included in the brickpost. Eventually, if there is enough time, there may be two articles per month. My upcoming articles will, among other things, include:

  • A more detailed description of the building process, the castle and the knights.
  • Lots and lots of rants about Lego building
  • I will also write a story about the castle’s “history” cause every castle has a story
  • Future articles will also include pictures.
  • With the castle still missing some key elements at this time, I will continue to build and change it. This will also be described in detail in the upcoming articles.

In my next article: "The King's knights and Soldiers" – pictures and descriptions of the knights and soldiers who inhabit the castle.

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