We know we said we'd give you notifications on how to submit content about half way through the month, we forgot to send out the notifications, and we are sorry. We did manage to get a system in place, and it will be changing in the future. But heres the current system:

  1. Decide what your going to do your submission about. We are very flexible with the theme, as long as it ties into LEGO or LEGO Wikis, we do not mind.
  2. Create the wikitext for your submission and save it in a .txt file.
  3. Send or attach the wikitext to, an email address monitored by the BrickPost Editorial team. Do not attach any images at this point, but leave the code in the wikitext.
  4. Wait for the BrickPost members to discuss it, and one of them will send you a reply informing you of your submissions status.
  5. If your article gets through, an Editorial team member will setup the page for you, and give you the link in the email. It is then your job to get the page ready, with images (that you can now upload) and whatever else you can think of to make the page interesting. Make sure you have finished this 2 days before the end of the month.

We hope to see your submission in our inbox soon!

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