September 2010

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This month features the start of our user created content push, and we are happy to say we had some great submissions!

  • Jedimca0's Castle blog (Part One). By Jedimca0.
    Anyone on IRC may of heard about the castle that Jedimca0 is building in his attic, well now he is taking some time out and writing a monthly "blog" on his progress and thoughts! This is going to be a great series, and a heck of a castle, follow his progress through the next few issues!
  • Nuros - Titan of Shadow - MOC created by BobaFett2.
    Nuros, the mighty Titan of Shadow. Read this article by BobaFett2 on his experiences building Nuros, and much much more!
Featured Article
File-FA September 2010.png

Castle (2007) refers to the 2007 relaunch of the LEGO Castle theme. It is often called "Fantasy theme" or "Fantasy Castle" by fans to distinguish it from the original Castle theme that started in 1978. This theme is the successor to Knights' Kingdom II and ran until 2009. It was replaced by the new Kingdoms theme in 2010. Castle (2007) also appears in My LEGO Network as Sticker and Backgrounds.

Details[edit | edit source]

Unlike the earlier Castle theme and its subthemes, this new theme doesn't focus on a war between different medieval kingdoms, but between humans and fantasy creatures like skeletons, dark wizards, and trolls.

Most sets contained warriors from two opposing factions and not just one single group, in order to increase playability.

The first antagonists of the human faction, represented by the Crown Knights, were the Skeleton Warriors, led by the Evil Wizard, that appeared in the first year of this theme.

2008 introduced the Troll Warriors as new foes, which were apparently also enemies of the newly added Dwarves.

In 2009 only four new sets were released, including 10193 Medieval Market Village which is the biggest entirely civilian Castle set ever, it also included the first LEGO cow-figures.

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Featured Picture
September 2010 FI.jpg

This month's featured image is of a classic castle set from the Forestmen's sub-theme. The set was essentially, hollow, tree that the forestmen used as their base. The set included minifigures of five forestmen and a knight from the Crusaders sub-theme. besides the big tree the set also includes a smaller tree that has a target set on it for practicing with bows and arrows, the set also included a small raft.

Read more about this set on Brickipedia...

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Fan fiction/Chapter of the Month Write yours!
Space Police Logs - Log 6 - Selling and Entering, by Mariofighter3

2:37 pm: Hour by hour, that guarding duty was becoming even more boring. Last night, I was assigned a guard mission to protect Luna Nerflia, a blonde music-pop sensation. She was staying in the Futuron Inn. Slizer, a KD-5 Hention alien and a member of the Black Hole Gang, wants to eliminate her after she did not marry him after dating for 5 years. It is not her fault. A Galactic Knight used a Romance Belt on her to fall in love with the knight.

Soon, the mail had been delivered. The male “deliverer” handed the package over to me, so I would give it to Luna. I do know when a smoker is put into a package like this. I started to open the box, and I found out that I was correct. It was a Lightning-Fast Auto-Deposing Smoker, the best brand. I did the only thing I could; I disarmed it and threw it away in the nearest garbage. I tied the garbage bag opening in a knot and tossed it down the garbage disposal. That got rid of one trap.

“Are you ready in there?” I called to Luna, “It’s about time we head out to your concert.”

“Just give me about two more minutes!” she replied from the room. “Just let me fill my pencil with lead so I may sign autographs afterwards!” So, I let her do just that. Then, the maid came by to clean the room.

“Ok, I’m d-ooo-nnn-eee!!!” Luna sung. Because of that, I led the maid into the room. The maid pushed me out of the way, made her way to Luna, grabbed her, and broke out the window. I ran towards the window, and found out that the maid was actually Slizer in disguise. It somewhat reminded me of when Rench dressed up as that salesman and almost destroyed my Hover-Car. So I wasn’t yelled at by Drake for the loss of Luna, I jumped out the window and landed in our limo we were supposed to take to the concert. I told the driver to step on it, and I was off.

Oddly, Slizer was on foot. We caught up to them instantly. “Stop right there!” I yelled at Slizer.

“No!” he replied, “I will not lose her again! This will lessen the pain I suffered 5 years ago!” Slizer didn’t stop running. Then, I noticed something weird on Slizer’s head. His helmet was loose. That wasn’t a good thing because the spikes on top could flatten a tire and I would lose Luna. I grabbed my grapple hook and launched it a tree branch. I swung on the branch, jumped for Slizer, and hit his back with my feet. The limo stopped, and Luna ran in as quickly as a jaguar. The limo drove off after that. Luckly, I accidently sent out a distress call out to H.Q. when I landed in the limo. “Bad Temper” and Ben showed up to assist me.

“Cure you Space Police!!” Slizer cried out before “Bad Temper” put him in a pod. I hope he learn this lesson: love sometimes needs to be out of your life. Also, don’t try lightening your pain by doing wrong.

Other "stuff"
User blogs, polls, etc.
  • Acclamator? -- Should Lego make an Acclamator-class assault ship?
  • Collectable Minifigures Series 2 -- A good image and discussion about the second series of the Collectable Minifigures.
  • Hello -- A blog writen by a new contributor on Brickipedia, looking for help and advice about editing.
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