BrickPost Wiki

So, the first issue of the BrickPost, along with the Post Design Contest, we have the banner design contest. This banner will be used at the top of each issue and will be adapted into the Wiki logo. The contest will be run as stated below.

Stage One[]


  • Eligible Voting members may enter designs into the contest
  • Closing Date: 20th April 2010. (Will be closed at a random time by admin)
  • Each member can submit 5 designs each.
  • Designs should be left on the Designs Page.
  • Each vote should be left with the following syntax: {{Mar10Banner|<username>|<entry number (1-5)>|<banner description>}}

Stage Two[]


  • All Entries will be compiled into a voting page by the Editor Team
  • The voting page will be put up on the 20th/21st April.
  • Each user may vote for 2 entries, but cannot vote for their own.
  • Voting will close on the 30th April 2010.
  • Note: In the event of a tie, the vote will be finished in the next month.


  • The banner must include the name of the newsletter, BrickPost
  • The maximum width of the banner is 600px
  • The maximum height of the banner is 75px
  • The banner should be saved in .png or .svg format, or at high res in the other formats.