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Western, also known as Wild West was a LEGO System theme that ran from 1996 to 1997. Three sets were re-released in 2002.

The theme was set in the American Old West in the second half of the 19th century and featured cowboys, outlaws, cavalry soldiers and even native Americans. It was the first theme that introduced realistic fire arms (revolvers and rifles) that could also be found in the real world of today, while Pirates did only feature antique weapons like muskets and flintlock pistols.


Western was the first minifigure-compatible Wild West-styled LEGO theme, but there have been earlier sets of the same subject. Most notably 620 Wild West Scene (1975) and 617 Cowboys (1975) which both included the old "Hands in Pockets" minifigures, that already had the same cowboy hats used today.

The first sets from 1996 focussed on the aspect of sheriffs fighting against outlaws as well as the military presence in the old west and less on civilian life. The few sets that featured town-life served more as a back drop for the gang of bandits robbing carriages or banks. The town, called Gold City, consisted only of the 6755 Sheriff's Lock-up|Sheriff station as well as a bank and a general store (6765 Gold City Junction). The bandits took refuge at 6761 Bandits' Secret Hideout|an abandoned mine outside the city. Another important element of the theme was the cavalry, based at Fort LEGOREDO. Cavalry soldiers had initially no other purpose than defending money transports against the bandits.

In the second and also last year of the theme, 1997, Indians became a major part of Western. Most of the sets included teepees, including their main settlement, 6766 Rapid River Village|Rapid River Village. Interestingly, none of the sets including Indians featured other Western minifigures and the 1997 sets with soldiers or bandits did not involve any Indians, making it appear as if there is not supposed to be any contact between these two groups.

Three Western sets were rereleased in 2002, similar to Pirates which had three rereleases in 2001.

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March's Featured Image was taken from Brickipedia, and depicts the Agents set: 8634 Mission 5: Turbocar Chase. In the image are Agent Chase's Turbocar, the gate of the secret Inferno compound, an inferno helicopter and the three minifigures included in the set.

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The Insectoids Saga - Part 1, by Construction Worker

The air was crisp and cold. A soft breeze blew, churning up dust. In the distance, the outlines of a large invasion force appeared on the horizon. Hidden in a crater, a small creature was holding bionoculars to his dome-shaped helmet. It adjusted them, then placed them at his side. The creature made hand signals to another creature, much larger and older than it was, over and over again. The older creature nodded and motioned for the smaller one to get into a tunnel neatly hidden beneath a large boulder.

Slipping silently into the hole, the smaller creature forgot to grab his bionoculars. The older one grabbed them and followed into the hole, remembering to pull the boulder on top of the entrance. They traveled for what seemed like a day, until they arrived in a vast underground complex, filled with noises of drilling machines and other creatures talking to eachother. The complex was lite by green lights, causing the whole place to be green. Another creature with large wings walked up to them, pausing to nod brefly at the smaller one, who quickly ran off.

"What have you to report, Bugeye?" the creature with large wings asked.

He took a deep breath and began, "Whiskerfoot and I spotted a large invasion force coming from the west. They were to far away to count, even with bionoculars, so I only have an estimate of how many; possibly 1,000 of them. Whiskerfoot said he saw speeders and attack cruisers. I noticed them as well, but they are few-and-far-and-in-between. Most only carry mele weapons."

The other creature was stunned. Without replying, he ran off towards a power box. He opened it up and pulled out a phone, then pressed a button and began speaking.

"Attention! Attention! We are on an Alpha-17! I repeat, we are on an Alpha-17! All warriors fall back to the camp! Squad 1, guard the nursery! Squad 2, guard the elders' den! Squads 3, 4, and 5, prepare for battle! Squads 6 and 7, close the doors and secure the emergency entrances and exits, then prepare for battle! Squads 8 and 9, close and secure the dome and then prepare for battle! Finally, Squad 10, contact the outposts and warn them of the attack! Then go and turn on the turrets and prepare the cruisers! When your done with that, stay in the camp! You all have your orders! Go, go, go!"

Bugeye walked up to him with a sad look on his face. He knew they couldn't win this battle. It was either fight to the death or evacuate the whole camp. So far, it looks as if they weren't giving up without a fight. With a simple bow of his head, Bugeye walked away and gathered his apprentice, Whiskerfoot, and headed towards to camp.

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