Space Police Log 2: Jail Breaks - , by Mariofighter3

2:36 p.m.: “To his surprise, this will be as easy as taking candy from a baby,” Drake, our Space Police squad chef (called a Space Police Commando), proudly told me last night.

Our informant, Neal, told our squad that Squidtron, another Black Hole member who’s Squidman’s personal android, would be trying to break free Squidman and Frenzy (who was arrested over a solar cyclone ago)from our (pretty) high security prison. But, we had already made a straight forward plan to capture him (we only call Squidtron a male because its owner is a male). Together as a squad, there would be no way our plan could be stopped.

I was required to bring the Max Security Transport with me that night. Soon, I walked in to H.Q., and our secretary told us “This will never work.” I found that a bit rough.

“Our plan will probably work, but don’t be a downer,” I replied.

“Sorry, I just upset that I boyfriend dumped me,” she said. I then walked away, into the vehicle garage. I felt really awkward after speaking to her. Anyways, I met up with Drake to receive the plan’s guidelines. After reading it over, I 1thought to myself, “Of course! I knew there was a reason why I brought the Max Security Transport tonight!”

My part of the plan was to guard the bait, Squidman and Frenzy, until 8:45, when I would separate from the bait to block off the entrance of the prison with the Max Security Transport. As walked down the hallway, I remembered some old faces, like the teacher who tried to murder one of her students. I can’t believe the school even let her teach! Anyways, I usually wouldn’t do this, but I brought Frenzy a gold bar to be nice. I then made it to Squidman’s and Frenzy’s cell.

“It was just arrested yesterday and I don’t get a single hello…” he mumbled to himself.

“Oh, here comes ….” Squidman said before being interrupted by me.

“Hello, old friends,” I said. No response, so I just threw the valuable gold bar into the cell. Without resistance, Frenzy went at that bar like a mouse to a piece of cheese.

“Weird…” I whispered.

It had soon become 8:45. I left the hallway to start my part of the plan. I had hopped into Max Security Transport and waited at the gate to capture Squidtron. After 10 minutes of waiting and read Tomorrow, Today! Magazine. Boy, I should of known that Earth had become such a small world after humans expanded to the end of the galaxy. Again, anyways, long story short, I did my part in the plan and Squidtron was arrested. Wow, I didn’t know it would take that long.

End of transmission.